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Footwear > Tactical/Military > [DANNER] 26119 USAF TFX GTX Waterproof Composite Toe Military Boot
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[DANNER] 26119 USAF TFX GTX Waterproof Composite Toe Military Boot
제조회사 : DANNER
판매가격 : 회원공개
수량 EA
사이즈 :
원산지 : USA


미공군용 복합 안전화

- 고어텍스 방수 기능

- 더운날씨 조건에 적합하게 설계됨(항균성, 통기성, 저흡수성)

- 가볍고 내구성이 강하며 견인력 및 작업능력 향상과 기동성을 위한 TERRA FORCE ™ X 플랫폼

- 빠르고 안전한 착용을 돕는 스피드 레이스 시스템

- TFX 경량 아웃솔 사용으로 가속, 내리막 제동 및 측면 언덕 견인력을 향상

- 비금속성(스틸토) 발가락 보호 기능

- 전기 쇼크 방지기준 통과

- 비틀림 강도 및 안정성을위한 경량 유리 섬유 생크

- USAF 마모 승인  

Product Description

When it comes to the best-performing military boots in its class, the Danner 26119 USAF TFX GTX Waterproof Composite Toe Military Boot just can't be beat. This boot features a sage green leather upper that is approved for wear with the U.S. Air Force Battle Uniform. It features a low volume design perfect for traversing through crawlspaces, rappelling from ropes, and for missions that require agile tactics. This boot features Danner's proprietary TERRA FORCE X platform that minimizes heel to toe energy and provides lateral foot support to enhance maneuverability during sensitive situations. This boot features a five sided lugged outsole that provides excellent traction and grip on inclines and declines in all directions. A Fatigue Fighter footbed provides long-lasting comfort and attenuates shock during intense physical activity. This boot is also waterproof and features a nonmetallic composite toe which makes it ideal for environments that require you to be metal free due to x-ray equipment.


Men's Waterproof Composite Toe USAF Military Boot
- Highly breathable GORE-TEX construction for waterproof protection is engineered to keep your feet dry and comfortable - even in extreme conditions
- Rough out leather upper offers serious protection and toughness and is designed specifically for hot weather conditions, providing mildew resistance, breathability, and low water absorption - TERRA FORCE� X platform provides lightweight, durable traction, heel-to-toe energy transfer, and side support to enhance maneuverability
- Speed lace system for a quick, secure fit
- Approach TFX lightweight outsole provides improved acceleration, downhill braking, and side hill traction. Beveled lugs prevent debris build-up
- Lightweight fiberglass shank for torsional strength & stability
- 8 inch standard military height
- 64 oz per pair
- Non-conducive safety toe for lightweight protection in all settings, and meets or exceeds ASTM standard F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH.
- Electrical hazard (EH) footwear is manufactured with non-conductive electrical shock resistant soles and heels.
- Approved for USAF wear

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