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Airsoft > Accessories > [VEGA] Pistol Retention Coiled Cord-FoliageGRN
[VEGA] Pistol Retention Coiled Cord-FoliageGRN
제조회사 : VEGA
판매가격 : 회원공개
수량 EA
원산지 : Made in Italy


이태리 베가홀스터사의 코일 랜야드

- 용 도 : 피스톨, 나이프, 후래쉬등의 이탈 및 사용중 낙하파손 방지

- PVC재질의 랜야드로 순찰, 경계, 레펠링, 러닝, 침투, 기타 전술활동 및 사냥, 낚시, 보트등 레져,스포츠활동에 사용할 수 있습니다.

Vega Holster located in Pisa, Italy, makes some of the finest civilian and military holster products available to the Italian customer. Meticulous construction sets them apart.
Use extreme caution and be sure you have complete training in the safe use of all firearms. Read the cautions that come with your holster or accessory purchase.

Dummy Cords are used to keep control of your weapon or gear.

The Vega PVC coiled cord is a positive aid to weapon and gear retention while patrolling, guard duty, rappelling, running, entries and many other tactical situations. A must for military, and popular with law enforcement, boaters, hunters and fishermen to keep gear retained to the body. Stretches and recoils to accommodate any firing position.

•Resilient coiled PVC cord is lightweight, ultra-strong.
• Low profile, allows a full range of motion.
• Heavy duty spring hook swivel for tangle-free use.
• Unique molten closure system keeps loops clean, strong and neat.
• Nylon web with snap closure to quickly secure to belt.
• Foolproof lanyard holes can be adapted to virtually any lanyard or ring.
• Style: 2V21
• Weight: 3oz
• Made in Italy.

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